For many brides, having the perfect bridal make up on their big day is almost as important as their dress and equally important as their bridal hairstyle.

It is the Bride’s preference as to whether she books a Makeup Artist or does her own makeup, but with either option the bride should be aware that her makeup will look different in photographic light to how it looks in natural light.

For those brides who have opted to have a professional MUA, make sure you inform them whether your photographer uses flash (we do), and they should know to adapt the products they use to suit it.

For those brides who are doing their own makeup, below are a few tips to help you make sure your makeup is “camera ready”:

  • Do your makeup in a bright light - the stronger the better.
  • Blend your makeup well (especially your jaw to neck).
  • To prevent makeup “flashback” (which causes your face to look bright white), avoid products with the following:
  • A high SPF
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • High Silica content
  • Glitter/ Shimmer
  • Try and set your makeup with a lightweight translucent powder to smooth lines and pores, but be careful if using HD powder - make sure you apply it correctly or it could leave you with white flashback patches where it hasn’t blended into your makeup.
  • Avoid using too many powder products or overusing them - they can cause your makeup to look thick, dry and fuzzy on close-ups.
  • Remember that how your makeup looks can get washed out in photos taken with flash. Opt for slightly more/ a deeper shade blusher than usual to avoid looking pale photos. The same goes for bronzer. Practice before the Wedding Day to make sure you know how much you can put on without overdoing it.
  • Use matte lipstick instead of lip gloss.